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Corina Giurgiu

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Corina Giurgiu



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Born in Cluj Napoca (Romania), the heart of Transylvania, I had an ordinary life until I turned 27, in 1993. I grew up, I finished college and then the Computer Science University, I got married and had a wonderful child and I worked a lot.

In 1993 some sad events that took place in my family??s life made me ask myself if there is something else inside ourselves or behind of what we can see. I felt that something unseen was strong, warm and loving. In those difficult moments my soul called me on the path of spiritual search. I took my first steps on a road full of joy, revelations, practice and personal transformation.

I practiced various techniques like Qi-Gong, Radiance Technique, Christian prayer, Neutral Technique, Pranic Healing, meditation, all of which made me step in a profound process of personal transformation and evolution. I read many books trying to learn and understand, as much as I could, the subtle energy structures of our being and the sacred ancient traditions, beliefs and spiritual laws. I have traveled to sacred places of the world in Turkey, Egypt, Peru, India, Sedona-USA and Mexico and I??ve met exceptional people who opened new horizons for me and shared their knowledge, helping me on my path. I am deeply Grateful to all my teachers!

One of these teachers is Drunvalo Melchizedek. In the autumn of 2007 I participated at the Flower of Life and Merkaba workshop in Bucharest. That was an important moment in my evolutionary path. A series of synchronicities and transforming experiences opened in my life by Activating my Merkaba. I felt like God took my hand and lead me deeper inside my being and further away on the transformation path. In 2008 I??ve met Drunvalo at the Earth Sky Living in The Heart workshop in Budapest, Hungary. The kindness and the love that he was radiating impressed me in a profound way. I have continued my studies with him in Sedona at two workshops, which I attended in 2010 and 2011 (Earth Sky Living in The Heart and Advanced Earth Sky Living in The Heart).

The experience I accumulated in all these years made me wish from all my heart to serve God by sharing to other people this knowledge that can transform lives through love and self-knowledge. As a consequence in May 2013, I graduated the Training workshop for teachers and then I have been accredited as a Teacher of The School of Remembering.

Being in the Tiny Space of the Sacred Space of my heart was the most profound experience I ever had. The Peace I found in my heart brought me a deep sense of fulfillment, reminded me who I am and helped me to understand with my whole being the profound Truth with which Drunvalo ends one of his meditations:
Love is the way Home!

With deep gratitude and love,

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Cristina Emilia Bodnaras at Apr 25, 2016

ATIH helped discover the inner of my heart , my blinking as an entity on this great globe . With love I recommend Corina of all those who want to find themselves , to know themselves as they were born with and in order that their soul was reborn ! Corina is amazing . A pure soul , serene , happy with her gift to transmit true every pore the joy of living, the joy to the people who are so fortunate to follow the course supported by her. Corina thanks for everything. You are a beautiful soul and I am lucky and happy that I had the opportunity to meet you .

Ionut Pap Deac at Mar 02, 2016

A great experience to be part of ATIH workshop which is full of all the right ingredients to assist you in moving into the heart. Mrs. Corina is a wonderful teacher and I feel truly blessed to be her student. I absolutely recommend this workshop ! Thank you from all my heart.

Antoneta Baciu at Mar 05, 2015

The Workshop with Corina was a wonderful experience and every moment a real divine grace, Thank you Corina and thank you Drunvalo.

Lilia Dicu at Jan 06, 2015

I found an exquisite teacher and person leading to the potential to higher world.The knowledge and mastery showed by Corina Giurgiu in ATIH Course helped me to meet the hidden realities of our 3D world and unveil the existence of something we all long for and rare encounter with our usual approach. I highly recommend Corina as a teacher and the teachings to all who seek evolution and wisdom. I perceive Corina as open, warm, professional, determined and much more than that, very advanced. I show appreciation and gratitude to her. Thank you, Corina, for priceless gifts you offered in the courses conducted by yourself!

Lilia Dicu at Jan 06, 2015

Pentru mine participarea la cursul de Trezire a Inimii Iluminate cu Corina a fost intalnirea cu mine insami si trezirea la o noua realitate. A fost ca si cum mi-am confirmat lucrurile pe care le intuiam, dar care nu eram sigura ca exista. Cunoasterea si delicatetea Corinei au facut ca aceasta experienta sa fie atat de revolutionara si revelatoare, incat am simtit nevoia sa mai particip o data. Surpiza a fost ca de fiecare data a fost ceva nou, aducand valoare si noi intelesuri. O percep pe Corina cu un inalt grad de maiestrie si cunoastere si o recomand tuturor, care au nevoie de un ghid si profesor rabdator si bun. Cunoasterea inalta catre care conduce Corina este un domeniu catre care se indreapta omenirea, poate fara sa stie ca o face. Multumesc Corina, cele mai inalte aprecieri si recomandari.

Claudiu Dicu at Jan 06, 2015

Participarea la ATIH cu Corina mi-a adus o revelatie profunda si o traire, care merita sa fie experimentata de oricine, care isi doreste sa cunoasca si sa se cunoasca. Calitatile exceptionale ale Corinei au facut ca orice intrebare sa fie tratata cu atentia si minutiozitatea cuvenita ca sa clarifice si sa construiasca pe un plan care este foarte palpabil si vivid din interior si care este foarte subtil pentru cei care abia se indreapta pe acest taram. O recomand cu caldura pe Corina si cursul pe care il conduce pentru toti acei care sunt in cautarea sensului si care isi doresc sa-si recapete fortele interioare.

Felicia Puscas at Nov 02, 2014

To my teacher ATIH, Corina Giurgiu. The day after the workshop, a pink rose appeared, the rose that I created just because it seemed to me the most unlikely to appear. It was next to me, but I have not seen it until this morning. Me, together with all my creatures from all horizonts and temporalities (whatever they may be), I highly appreciate this emergence to the light that you have proposed to us, to which you have guided us with care and empathy. It was also love in there, here's what I was forgetting to specify! Also, I am grateful for the revelations that I had towards me, with my Self, totally unknown to me until now as autonomous entity, for all the possibilities that were open generously in front of me, not only because of the technnique but also because of the complete set of gifts, perceived as graces, to which you have led us to access and exploit them for the benefit of their peers and the Universe. Perhaps only now I can appreciate and use the required level of responsibility so great, after I reborn out of my node of chaos node which purified my identity, out of the disaster that burned things related to past history, and, spiritually, out of the oblivion, numbness, automatism of a life planty of all kinds of events. I learned for the first time that I can know and love myself, just living this truth, not repeating or recording it mentally. Thank you. I also thank to all those who made this course possible and to all those who are invisible and make this workshop last. And I'm grateful for the life I'm living. Thanks to the School for this wonderful remembering process. Felicia Puscas, Romania

Simona Elena Radu at Oct 24, 2014

I want to express my gratitude for my teacher, Corina Giurgiu, but I am not sure that I can find all the words she deserves. The workshop was an extraordinary experience, far more that I expected, and the gifts that I received at the workshop and continue to come from Corina have completely changed my life. Her diverse knowledge, warmth and kindness to us made this meeting and our life afterwards full of magic. I can only define it as a state of grace ( peace, happiness, joy, love...) . Special thanks to my \"classmates\", my family of souls, and also to Drunvalo, without him nothing of this could have happened. I recommend this course and Corina to everybody looking for health, happiness or just for \"something\" they cannot define yet...Namaste! Simona

Teodora Saptefrati at Oct 23, 2014

Hi everyone, If you've seen angels in human form, I recommend that you meet Corina. A stunningly teacher, dedicated, wise, with great power to transmit to the heart of student teaching. I recommend everyone who wants to change their life course ATIH with Corina..Connect to my heart to feel everything I'm saying. I love you Corina. Thank you so much for all! (Please excuse my English)

Simona Gherasim at Apr 14, 2014

ATIH Workshop has been one of my most powerful experiences until now. It awaked a whole new dimension to me. Corina was a wonderful teacher and I will always be grateful to her. Thank you, Corina!