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Judy Chang


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?台灣??????已???十?年?? Judy, ?2000年????觸身??, ?即踏??條?修??精??路??深???????????飲??身????健康?, 決?身????並?素?年?????????, 修????????紫微?????OPT???????Bach?精?BioGenesis ?????源??????賽?????, ?????????精微?息????, ?????起溝??????????天主????督??????????印度?????學?, ???????十位?師??

Originally came from Taiwan, Judy has been living in the US for more than 20 years. She started her spiritual journey from ??Body, Mind, and Spirituality? philosophy since the year 2000. After digging into organic dieting and holistic health, she actually practiced it and being a vegetarian for many years. With a heart of eager to learn, she has studied tarot card reading, i-jing reading, purple-stars and eight-word Chinese astrology, Japanese OPT hand healing, Bach Flower Essence, BioGenesis healing and Seth Material, etc. She enjoys communicating with world with sensing energy and receiving the subtle messages. With almost three dozen teachers, she also learned from Catholic, Christian, Tibetan Buddhism, and Hinduism.

?2011年?觸?德?????????德???籍??被德????親身?歷?????????吸????宵不??????????不?大?????被?????中?????強大???????2012年??????????已??????????亮???工?????德??????????不????????空?????卡巴??????????此?, ???中?現?許????大??突破?不?????????師??貴人???????不?精?, ???年???修?決?????師????????華人???中??學??德??????????

Drunvalo??s books have strongly touched Judy??s heart when she first read his books in 2011. The magical trip of Drunvalo??s caught her attention for all night long. Her whole body was shaken by the energy emitted from the book. In May 2012, she finally went to Sedona for the Awakening the Illuminated Heart workshop taught by Drunvalo, she not just entered the Sacred Space of the Heart but her MerKaba activated automatically. Ever since, her life has many major breakthroughs. Her consciousness was greatly expanded with helps from many great teachers. A year later, she decided to attend the teacher??s training so the Chinese in America can learn Drunvalo??s methods in their native language.

德???????????學?, ???????工??, 召???人??覺???????你覺?活????人???????己?????夢靨中, 並????你???????, ???????????以?你賴以??????????????你可以??另??種選??, 捨????????大?, 提???層次, ??起????活?????????中?????對???大?主宰?????????已???極??, 現?, ???????????!

This workshop has full of his life??s work to awake people around the world. If you feel living in a dream where were separated from others and even yourself, you are using your polarity consciousness to see everything and this world you live in. However, you can have another choice. You can abandon using your brain with polarity consciousness, expand your consciousness, and remember how to live in the world of unity consciousness. The domination of polarity consciousness has come to an end, now is time to return to your heart!

?? ????活?不只????口??! 給?己??????????, 學???????已?塵封?萬年????, 你????????中, 已???太?, ?不要???次????家??????

??Living from the Heart? is not just a slogan! Please give your soul a chance to learn how to activate the memory being dusted for thousands of years. You have been waited for too long to pass the opportunity of returning to your heart.


This ??Awakening the Illuminated Heart? workshop will be taught in Chinese with some essence of Chinese philosophies. All learning material has been translated into Chinese by Judy personally. For English speakers, please email her your request for an English class at [email protected]

?????工???中, ?學?:
? ??天使??, ???????護?
? ????????義, ????????
? 強???????????度
? ??學????覺??
? ???????天????吸
? ???????空??, 深??解你?誰
? ????微空??, ???????
? ???????頭?????????
? ?結???大?
? ????第??
? ??????卡巴人????
? ????????????, ????????

In this workshop, you will learn:
? To become one with your angles, receive their guidance and support
? True meaning of healing, heal emotional trauma
? Exercises of Inner sensation
? Blue School Imagery
? Unity Breath
? Enter the Sacred Space of the Heart to learn who you are
? Enter the Tiny Space of the Heart to connect with your higher self
? Activate the Beams of Light and Human Halo
? Connect your heart with the brain
? Open your third eye
? Activate your MerKaBa, the human light body
? Creating from the heart, the secret of manifesting the reality you want

????????索??古???????! ?????????????空????游??????????????????活???????????????空??中覺????????

Let??s explore these sacred methods together! Enter the higher consciousness, learn the wisdom of living from the heart with inner joy, awake and ascend from the heart!

How to Register: http://youtu.be/YR90-Vuikks How to Upgrade: http://youtu.be/VUg2j2TRvy8

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