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Katarina Nordmark

Certified Teacher approved by Drunvalo Melchizedek

Katarina Nordmark


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My name is Katarina Nordmark and I am a Certified Teacher of Awakening the Illuminated Heart. I teach in Swedish but also in English. My home is in Sweden but I am available to give workshops wherever my guidance takes me.

I have been a student all my life, knowing that one day I would be a teacher. My path has not been a straight one as I have always followed my heart and the guidance it has given me. Over the last twenty years I have studied meditation, clairvoyance and various types of healing modalities as well as classic Swedish massage and shiatsu. I have also studied fine art, visual communication, advertising and finance. At university I studied philosophy, psychology and creative art. I majored in philosophy and hold a masterā??s degree in applied ethics. In addition, I am also a qualified chef.

I have always known that my calling is to teach, but I did not know what I was meant to be teaching until I came across the work by Drunvalo Melchizedek. It was in December 2010 that I saw a clip with Drunvalo and by April the following year I was on my way to Sedona for the Earth/Sky/Heart workshop. Since then, my path has been much more straight!

I was born in LuleƄ, a small town in the north of Sweden, not far below the Arctic Circle. My ancestors are mainly from northern Sweden and southern Finland, but my maternal grandfather hails from the Walloons in Belgium. Possibly it was his genes (or perhaps my Viking blood) that gave me the strong urge to travel. I have spent many years abroad in both England and Australia, but in 2003 my ancestors called me home.

As a Capricorn I have a strong connection to Mother Earth. I donā??t often see angels, energy fields or spirit beings ā?? but I do see people and I do see their souls. As a Certified Teacher of Awakening the Illuminated Heart it is my job to assist in the dimensional changes that are happening. I am here to help.

From my heart, with love.


Katarina Nordmark
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