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Lev Bakunin

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Lev Bakunin



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When time comes, we all start looking at the Path. We are successful only if we follow our intended Path.

...Spiritual science came my way in adolescence through my older brother, who once brought me The Pranayama book and later The Autobiography of a Yogi by Parahamsa Yogonanda. These books were followed by the Roerich's The Living Ethics (Agni Yoga) series, not mentioning other books of smaller caliber, etc., etc., etc. Back in the mid-80s I met my first spiritual Master and worked with her until the late 90-s. However, at that time I did not appreciate well enough the meaning of those studies. Only 20 years later I understood the significance and power of that knowledge. On the last day of The Awakening of the Illuminated Heart (ATIH) workshop in May 2012 listening to Drunvalo Melchizedec talking about the human halo and beams of light, it clicked in my memory - I had heard that before... and had a flashback of where and how that happened! I also recollected my Master's teachings and techniques when I participated in gorgeous and precise Dr. Catherine Shainberg's imagery work. No, nothing was in vain, but better understanding of our life events may sometimes take years and years. The final decision had been made and, enriched with new experience, I eventually returned to my path, the Path of Heart that called for me, which was logical and unavoidable. Quite unexpectedly, but sure enough I soon found myself at my second ATIH workshop with Drunvalo, and, eventually, at the beautiful ATIH Teachers' Training in Chapala, Mexico.

And here I am with The School of Remembering to share these ultimate spiritual experiences with You!

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Jennifer Seifert at Sep 07, 2016

I am so happy I did this class. It is something I have been meaning to do for a long time and I feel I have accomplished a great deal. I want to thank Lev for being a great teacher and being with us through this life changing time.

Dennis Fehr at Sep 29, 2015

Lev does an excellent job as a teacher and I highly recommend taking classes with him!!

chantel Anderson at Sep 17, 2015

This workshop with Lev was incredible! It was a relaxed completely stress free. All of b the information was clear and understandable.

craig meagher at Apr 08, 2015

Wow I think this may have been one of the most powerful groups to ever come together and if we are talking how this will impact the world and China I think one of the most powerful student teachers will come out of this class.this exceeded my expectations on what is possible and why.This was one of the coolest groups I ever met in my life.So now it's time to impact the world.