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Yu Song

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Yu Song





SONGYU (Bodhi)


KUNDALINI India Yoga Trainer for both adults and children; healing instructor for mind, body and heart, energy healing instructor, preliminary mentor of Awakening the illuminated Heart program, Oneness awakening instructor, writer of spiritual books, organizer of universal spiritual tours, in the process of learning aroma therapy.
A member of the Lions Club (international charity organization). Converting to Esoteric Buddhism since 1993.

Past Occupations

Was once a university teacher in tourism for ten years, host of travel program for Shenzhen radio and television for another ten years. Deputy chief of Shenzhen tourism and tour guide association. Oral test Examiner for the national tour guild certificate. Second place in the tour guide contest of Shenzhen (first place in Chinese category). First place in the tour guide contest of Longgang district. Deputy director of Best Tour Agency, manager of the tourism department of Each Travel Agency.


Reading, music, energy dancing, healing courses, KUNDALINI yoga, universal spiritual travel, animals of all kinds, plants of all kinds, the entire universe.

Goals of life

To relieve mankind from suffering, to help human being to gain happiness. To help the earth, and the universe to be positive and peaceful. To become the channel of universal wisdom, to show people the way of healing their hearts, to help them discover the potential of self improvement, awakening and healing. In the process of becoming a mentor of Awakening the illuminated Heart program, to help more people to live in unconditional love, to help them to become better person.


My name is Bodhi, Iā??ve been walking on this planet for 40years. Iā??ve given up the job as a TV and radio host to chase the dream of inner spiritual pursue, to help mother earth, father sky, and mankind and the entire universe. Thus began my travel around the globe and my spiritual study and practice.
Iā??ve traveled to over 20 countries and areas, to name a few, the mysterious pyramids in Egypt, Greek temples, Turkey, Nepal, India, South Africa, Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Finland, Bali, etc. I enjoyed Tibet very much and have returned there many times. Lhasa, shannan, red river of Yunnan, Lijiang, Dali, Lugu lake, Shangri-La, and Danba and Dangling of Sichuan Province are my favorite places in China.
I become the instructor of KUNDALINI Yoga for adults to help people with their mind and body; I become the instructor of KUNDALINI Yoga for children to help the children. Iā??m on my way to become a KUNDALINI pregnancy awareness mentor to help the pregnant women.
I organize the universal spiritual tours around the world for my experience in travel industries and for my love of spiritual pursuit. My dream would be to practice spiritual studies at different spiritual sites while traveling around the world
I wrote a book about AWAY FROM PAIN in order to save more people from their miseries. I spent two months in India to finish this book. It yet waits to be published. The purpose of this book is to help people awakening.
I began offering yoga teaching, healing and oneness awakening courses to help more people to gain their happiness and awakening.
I become a member of the charity organizations such as the Lions club to help more people. I participate in all kinds of charity events and donate 10% of my earnings to help people in need.


I wish all the people to be happy, joyful and love themselves as who they are. I wish they would radiate unconditional love and light to heal the earth, to heal everything and I wish for universal peace.

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