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Yienan (Star Light) Song

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Yienan (Star Light) Song




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Welcome to the School of Remembering, My dear brothers and sisters in spirit.

Remembering is a much splendid thing:

When we Remember who and what we truly are,
how to enter the Sacred Space and Tiny Space in our Heart as the Ancients lived
how to fully utilize our third eye to truly SEE
how everything in the universe come into existence
and how the MER-KA-BA gets activated naturally from the Illuminated Heart

We then begin our journey of ascension simply by Remembering...

Before I share deeper with you, I would like to introduce myself to you-

My birth name is Yienan Song, given by my Chinese grandparents from both sides and it brought me much celebration and fulfillment in life. As a traveler, I have been taken to different Indigenous societies and given different spirit names. They often said that I was a lost child of theirs... Years ago I felt it was time to simply go by Star Light, That reflected well of all the other names that had been given to me.

In reality we are all one with sunlight, moonlight, starlight... trusting star seeds traveling with the winds... a seed one day, a blossom another day, then trees of life deepening our roots with Mother Earth. We carry the inner knowing of travelers from some seemingly far away homelands, only to realize all those stories, memories and legends are simply songs from our own sacred hearts.

My first awareness of Drunvalo's work was in the 90's from a book called - Nothing In This Book Is True but It is Exactly How Things Are ... Even though it was not as profound as Flower of Life by Drunvalo himself, it truly got me and I was dazed for days and nights, realizing that we were much more vast than everything we had been told and everything we thought what we were.
At that time I had Ancient of Days Dance Theater in New York City. Just by thinking about the presence of Drunvalo from what I had read, I could feel levitated in my daily ballet barre practices. In my wildest dream then, I could never imagine that one day I shall be a facilitator for Drunvalo's further teaching - Awakening The Illuminated Heart.

The journey of Awakening The Illuminated Heart is both profound and infinite. I am in awe to witness the constant growth in myself... I have been through my spiritual journey since childhood and had been through dark nights of the soul as part of the initiations. The depth of experiencing living from the Illuminated Heart actually only occurred in Sept. 2012 through our first ATIH facilitator Yvette Neshi Lokotz, even though I have meditated almost my whole life. Drunvalo told us that this course has been put together by the Ascended Masters. No kidding, it is a living unified field of awareness, constantly unfolding and transforming us from limited realities based on separation and duality to a vast viewpoint of realizing Oneness - through Awakening The Illuminated Heart.

In April, 2013, we had the blessing to be taught and trained by Drunvalo himself. The experience of simply being in his presence is timeless and filled with " Ah-ha " moments.

Remembering ... IS ... a blissful state of realization and I am so grateful for that.

What have I done in my life?

A lot -- I had an MFA in Performing Arts and later founded Ancient of Days Dance Theater in NYC, served there as one of the dancers, choreographer, director, Sacred Dance teacher, workshop facilitator, designer...producer... I have also studied spirituality from different traditions and have gone through various initiations and disciplines... St. Germain's presence is very active in my life. ( Thanks to Ashamarae and Awakening from Within. ) I love healing arts and playing with energy field, consciousness and crystals... I do not feel like calling myself a healer because in reality it is people who heal themselves. Any healer is only a facilitator for the divine alignment to come through ... These days I paint and write daily, constantly creating and dancing on many levels, working in the gardens ( for all seasons ) and living with 4 cats ( Mino, Taur, Gaia and Lakshmi,) one peacock, some deer, eagles, ravens... discovering life in each new moment together with all my loved ones.

It is my heart's desire to share this journey with my siblings in spirit. As a traveler, I trust where the winds and tides take me is where I belong in those precious moments.

I am so looking forward to meeting you in person.

Together, we shall Remember...

In Lak'Ish ( You Are Another Myself )

Star Light aka Yienan Song

Courtesy to Galatea Lin who translated this bio into Chinese. Galatea Lin is also an ATIH teacher / facilitator and gives this workshop in both languages. http://drunvalo.net/sor/teacher/galatealin

There are two videos that talked about Awakening The Illuminated Heart and The School of Remembering by Drunvalo Melchizedek right below the Chinese bio. That shall get many questions covered. ^_^


















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In Lak'Ish (馬???????你?你???)



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Ashley Fister at Mar 23, 2016

Thank you so much Star Light and Amber! A wonderful weekend.

Jesse Fister at Mar 23, 2016

Wonderful workshop, excellent teachers. Thank you Star Light and Amber!

Haleen Uptain at Jul 30, 2015

Experience in this workshop exceeded all expectations. The love and generosity poured forth from Star Light and Amber making this an exceptional event. My life is forever changed now that I know how to create from the heart. I am now ready for the ascension process of going to the next higher level of consciousness that mother earth and humanity are heading to.

Jessica O'Malley at Jun 19, 2015

The event was more than the description could imply! I will never forget my experiences that weekend! I loved all of it and I still use the information daily. I value the teachings very much and have already recommended several others to the workshop. I am excited for new information and to expand my experiences and understanding. I have a special longing to teach and share this information with others. Thank you

Susan Snyder at Mar 08, 2015

Going into this workshop I wasn't sure exactly what would be happening. I had no preconceived expectations. The exercises we did were extremely powerful in bringing real experience, which was balanced with the knowledge that was shared. For me, this workshop is still integrating within me and has changed me for the better, benefitting not only me, but my family. Thank you for creating this workshop.

Paul Lindsay at Nov 26, 2014

For anyone in the Pacific NW this is a class I highly recommend here. Paul

Paul Lindsay at Oct 22, 2014

Repeating again in October. Highly recommended. So much went over my head at my first workshop and first repeat this year. Many thanks to the 4 accredited teachers here in Washington. Uli, Starlight, Amber and of late Todd. Awesome guys that taken Drunvalos work to new heights. Thank you. Paul L

Franki Storlie at Sep 01, 2014

This class was incredible with outstanding teachers. Yienen (Starlight) Song is an excellent teacher. All instructors were very clear in the teachings and very supportive of the students.

Susanne Grafeneder at Aug 30, 2014

All I can say, wonderful location, excellent workshop highly recommending it for all that want to learn to live from the heart and activate the wonderful light body. many thanks and Love from the tiny space.

Maria F Lundgren at Aug 26, 2014

This workshop helped Drunvalo's teachings come alive for me. More than that, the warmth and wisdom of the teachers helped me to access the sacred space and the tiny space of the heart easily and with grace. I cannot recommend highly enough the material, this workshop, and these teachers. I am eternally grateful.