Drunvalo Melchizedek presents The School of RememberingĀ®



Javiera Garate at Oct 30, 2016

I LOVED it! I loved the experience, the teacher, the space being used, and the people that attended. It was beautiful. I went with my mum and got to meet Tatiana(the teacher), and Uji(a student). Tatiana is a beautiful being of light and love (as well as the other people who attended); I am truly grateful to have met her and Uji.

Delvin Oyarzabal at Aug 25, 2016

The workshop exceeded my expectations coming in to a loving environment and teacher. One can't not help but to feel grateful for Drunvalo, the School of Remembering and Tatiana as a teacher to help us remember what we've have lost. My experiences have greatly opened my life to a wondrous path, so that light may be spread to our world. I love you all for offering me the opportunity to seek the light on the path of truth. I love you all, and within the Tiny Space of our heart we are all one.

Sharon Bock at Aug 25, 2016

Tatiana is an extremely devoted teacher. She guided us and gave detailed feedback on our internal experiences during meditation exercises too and even had a dedicated condominium just for the class. She is a very heart centered and experienced teacher trainer.

Michele Jarvis at Oct 10, 2015

Thank you Tatiana for a powerful, fun and healing workshop. I so appreciate your loving heart with how you delivered this workshop. I look forward to connecting with you again. Big Hugs!

mARIA iSABEL lIMARDO at Oct 04, 2015

Tatiana is the most caring, prepared, connected, loving, understanding facilitator. she made us at home and at ease. If you are in Miami, do not hesitate to register with her.

Carmen Santana at Oct 01, 2015

Tatiana is a wonderful teacher. The groups are well organized. She follows thru with the material and she helps everyone with the their own process to accomplish as much as possible of their own integration. Her love and dedication is very much appreciated!

Nathalian Malo at Sep 30, 2015

Tatiana is loving and caring and wants all students to succeed. She really puts her heart into helping students. I would highly recommend her.

Patricia Lefont Lefont at Sep 29, 2015

Tatiana is just an angel spreading her wings to make everything brighter, sweeter, and better. Love her kindness and good heart. Excellent teacher and a friend to keep forever. Thanks Tatiana!!! Simply the best.

Maria Mendoza at Jul 01, 2015

I am very grateful for my teacher, Tatiana Haggerty. She is a truly beautiful being of love and light. I believe that she is one of the most compassionate, empathetic, and kind persons I have ever known and, as a result, she was able to help me move ahead into another level of realization. Although I am only just starting my journey, because of her guidance, I now feel that I am on the right path and have renewed hope. Thank you Tatiana.

Eric Enders at Jun 25, 2015

Since this was my first spiritual workshop, I didn't quite know what to expect. However, my concerns were quickly swept away the moment I stepped foot into the room. From beginning to end, my experience was exceptional. Tatiana's compassionate and loving personality is immediately felt and understood upon meeting her. Our group was small, so the one on one attention was excellent, especially for beginners. Tatiana always made sure we understood the material, and addressed any concerns before moving on. Her robust experience made her complimentary additions to the workshop especially insightful (The Miami Circle). I highly recommend Tatiana and the ATIH workshop to remember the spiritual path. This workshop changed my life, and I hope it will for you.

Carmen Navedo Cordova at Mar 10, 2015

This workshop is life transforming. Tatiana teaches from the heart and assists everyone as everyone may need. I am grateful to Tatiana and Drunvalo!

Maria Ovalle at Dec 25, 2014

It would be helpful if the attendants could receive and support material with rights, to continue the practice on the meditation. with rights I mean, a material protected to prevent other channels of distribution once the workshop is received.

alex fernandez-casais at Sep 25, 2014

Tatiana is an amzing person and teacher. I couldn't be happier to have met her and have her be my guide in this journey. thank you.

maria f perez at Mar 10, 2014

I can't express how happy I was with Tatiana during this course. She helped in every step of the way. She was very clear and whenever we had a doubt she will answer. I felt a sense of trust in her words and teachings that enabled me to be open to the exercises and meditations that we did. When I left the course I felt so full of energy that I totally recommend going with her. She has been a light giver to me. Thank you Tatiana!

Corrie Rice at Feb 27, 2014

Tatiana is an angel shining bright. I saw it in her from the first moment I said hello and looked into her crystal blue eyes. She encompasses patience, love and victory and used this to guide me in a relaxed and confident way to remember how to shine my light. I am reborn and I give thanks for her and this experience.