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Melissa Jencunas at Nov 16, 2020

Dr. Carl Totton is such an amazing person. He has so much passion for teaching, healing and helping others. Im so impressed with all the knowledge this man has. Overall ATIH was a wonderful experience and I truly feel blessed to have taken this course from such a powerful individual. Thank You, Thank You, Thank You

Olivia Tan at Dec 02, 2019

Dr. Carl Totton is a wonderful teacher in so many ways. He is kind, open hearted and really knowledgeable. I was impressed with his experience/ background, and how well he's been able to live out the principles of Drunvalo. He also made the teachings very approachable and understandable. I highly recommend this workshop!! It was life changing .

Angela Bravoderueda at Aug 13, 2019

I highly recommend to anyone on a journey to self realization. If you want to activate and elevate your awareness, then this class is for you.

Maher Zaidi at Dec 05, 2018

The ATIH workshop taught by Dr. Carl Totten was the most inspirational, transcendental experience of my life, so far. I cannot recommend this course taught by Dr. Totten high enough.

Tina Ramirez at Aug 16, 2018

I thoroughly enjoyed this workshop, and I am so glad I took it with Dr. Carl Totten. He is not only an amazing instructor, but he has a beautiful spirit, and is full of light. Thank you Dr. Totten for a wonderful experience, and thank you Drunvalo for all that you behold, and for helping us all to Remember. With sincere gratitude, Tina R.

Donald Bundy at Aug 13, 2018

Everything about the class content was exactly as expected, the material was a mirror of the videos that Drunvalo has made available. That said, the experience of the moment is where the value is in these workshops, Dr Totton has an incredible amount of training and education and did an excellent job with the class, not to mention the temple was amazing! Absolutely worth the time and effort to attend this workshop in person. Thank you again Dr. Totton!

Larisa Thorpe at Mar 23, 2018

Very moving experience!

richard heinz at Nov 24, 2017

This workshop gave me more dreams than anything I have ever done. Day and night I am dreaming. And they seem to be working out. I have had nothing but good luck since the course. I am looking foreword to continuing my studies. RH.

Debby Diamond at Sep 13, 2017

I am feel blessed to have been given the opportunity to attend this workshop. The lessons learned about expressing love and gratitude, our connection with a unified conscientiousness, and the importance of living in the heart; are examples of what will stick with me as I continue to seek- and learn. I do perceive my level of spiritual awakening to be in a \"beginning\"stage; therefore some of the info and activities seemed more advanced than my current abilities/skills. Consequently, any scores under \"10\" merely reflect my need for further growth and understanding. I appreciate Drunvalo's dedication to spiritually helping people and to my workshop instructor Dr. Totton for his support. I also look forward to future teachings :-)

Larissa Anne Santos at Aug 23, 2017

Thank You so much for sharing this information with me.

Peter Mauk at Aug 22, 2017

I could not register via the drunvalo.net website because even after PayPal acknowledged my $15 payment, I never received the sign-in info from School.of.Rem. When, a few days later, I requested my \"forgotten\" password, then I could use the site. Carl Totten is the perfect teacher: kind, patient, tuned-in, and knowledgable. I honor his quiet, humor-filled professionalism. I recommend him to all. The teachings I found to be the most important thing ever (!) , but no surprise, and not a huge revelation ... my prior personal practice had revealed everything in the course to me years earlier, but I was rudderless & disoriented in the maze of possibilities -- and unable to reproduce my peak experiences. The guideposts and unifying orientation made the Workshop wonderfully worthwhile for me. I am grateful for the offerings. Thank you. I found the Workshop pace & scheduling way too slow (for me), since I came in with a lot of prior preparation that many others may not have -- a one day workshop would have served just fine.

Dawn Garces at Feb 25, 2017

Wonderful experience, Will do it again.

leslie vienneau at Nov 17, 2016

I liked Carl fine. he knew the material but not a dynamic presenter. felt breaks were too long and a waste of time. felt the material was dragged out over 4 days and the last 'trick' of flicking our tongues on the roof of our mouths to get to the tiny space of the heart was hoaky. I was not able to get to the tiny space during the final day of class and we did not have any time left to practice. disappointing in that I'd hoped to have the full experience while there. I was also concerned that a few people in the class of 8 were repeating the material-what is that about?

Irwin Haegele at Aug 16, 2016

Carl was fantastic. He made me feel as though I could go out and create miracles.

Dawn Garces at Jul 03, 2016

Wonderful Experience, Will do it again!!

Michael Copeland at Jul 01, 2016

Dr. Totton is a charismatic speaker and presenter and his big-hearted laugh and abiding wisdom made for a pleasant and engaging 4 days. I loved it...

Andrei Burke at Aug 08, 2015

Carl Totton is a true blessing upon the Southland.

Rachel Capurso at Aug 03, 2015

Dr. Carl Totten is an amazing teacher, full of grace and humor throughout the four days that this workshop entails. He led us through heart opening exercises so gently that the vulnerability and the sensitivity of the practices are not intimidating, but are fun and inspiring. Dr. Totten is an all around impressive person to learn from, as he is a highly learned and skilled spiritual teacher of many arts. He opens his heart and his sacred space to his students as warmly as a best friend and I love the stories he shares and the insights he offers. Carl Totten offers a safe space, to say the least, for students to discover themselves in ways they are not likely expecting. My first experience was life-changing and if my initial experience is not convincing, it may be interesting to note that two of the students in my class were repeating the workshop for the 3rd or 4th time. That's how awesome this workshop is and how inspiring Dr. Totten is to work with. Please do not hesitate to choose Dr. Totten as your guide through the Awakening the Illuminated Heart Workshop. It is a truly magical combination.

Gerald Conway at Mar 31, 2015

This was a wonderful experience! Just what I was hoping for ,I feel a very deep connection not only with myself and the others in the class, but also the universe more then ever! Thank you so much , Dr. Carl Totton Namaste Gerald Conway

Judy Dagley at Aug 19, 2014

This was my second AITH workshop. Carl was wonderful.

Paul Reimers at May 11, 2014

I have had the good fortune to be in Carl's workshop twice and both times I had an amazing time! He has such an awesome energy with a lot of laughter, great insight and, of course, a lot of heart. One thing that I got from Carl and I think that this is partly due to his being a Qi Gong Master and Martial Arts Grand Master, and that is a sense of mastery with this material. It was from hearing Carl talk about his doing the Creation Process meditation given in day 4 of the workshop and how he does this process daily that I really got it. The material from this workshop could be a useful tool to be used now and then or it can be a daily spiritual practice that deepens with practice. This type of daily practice is what has the power to really reveal the greatest jewels. This is how I now view it and practice it myself thanks to Carl. I highly recommend him as a teacher for his knowledge, his presence, his mastery and his huge heart!

Paul Reimers at May 11, 2014

I have been studying Qi Gong and Taoism for years and always wondered how this way of perceiving and working with energy lined up with what Drunvalo taught. Carl shared from his vast experience so many amazing parallels and answered so many questions that I had for years. He has a vast knowledge and experience with Taoism and Drunvalo's work and could not recommend him strongly enough. In addition to this, he always comes from a deeply loving space and it's this combination of head and heart that makes him so perfect to teach this work.

Jayon Anthony at Dec 26, 2013

this was the second time that i participated in the workshop - we were honored with having 3 instructors in training to attend - i found that i had discovered many things that i may have not understood or remembered from my first workshop - i hope to attend another workshop in 2014 - for each time i revisit the information, i grow in consciousness by leaps and bounds - dr carl is an amazing teacher and i marvel at his experience and patience with those of us who are just beginning - thank you for making this valuable knowledge so accessible...namaste

Jayon Anthony at Jun 21, 2013

This was a life changing event in my life - I plan to attend another of Dr Totten's ATIH workshops in November 2013. I have recommended this workshop to several of my friends and family!

hank you! It was wonderful having you in the class, indeed a blessing!

Carl Totton, PsyD at Sep 25, 2013

Thomas Pastore at Jun 17, 2013

Excellent life changing course. In the answer to 1. above, I think the issue was more in the activation of the third eye and Mer Ka Ba and the expectations of students seeing green light and not experiencing this. This was subsequently cleared up in the second ATIH course taken.

Thank you! I've noticed that many things get cleared up during the second class! A lot of information is covered in the course and it takes time to process. I've been Drunvalo's student since 1999 and I'm still learning.

Carl Totton, PsyD at Sep 25, 2013

Brendan Dekora at Jun 01, 2013

I thoroughly enjoyed this workshop, and have been a long time follower of drunvalo and his teachings, however shortly after I finished this workshop I received inner guidance that I did not need to continue the meditations. I received that I only needed to send love into my heart and all the rest will be taken care of. Whenever I have done that I feel like all the steps fold into that one action and I automatically find myself in my tiny space. Occasionally I have done the full meditation, but I feel that it is more of a male process, and the process I have been guided to use is the female way. I have felt the need to write this here, I hope it helps in some way. Thank you for all your work.