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Josee Boulianne

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Josee Boulianne



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I first took my Earth/Sky/Heart class with Drunvalo at Nakota lodge in 2007. It changed my relationship to life forever. At that moment I understood the meaning of being a Spiritual Being on a human journey and my journey was going to be an interesting one. Full of healing and letting go in order to be able to enter the tiny space of my heart.
I then continued by inviting Ron Laplace to my home town for the Flower of Life Workshop in 2008. During this workshop, my very ''intuitive'' friend told me I was one day going to teach this class myself and she was going to take it. I chuckled and thought to myself that I was not ''awakened'' enough to be a TEACHER, come on, this is Drunvalo we are talking about! Little did I know that life had different plans for me and was preparing me for more then what I could imagine for myself. All I knew was that this was my passion.

In 2010, I won two airplane tickets that allowed me to travel to Peru and Sedona for the Advanced Class with Drunvalo. Again, life had plans for me and all I could do was be grateful.
I came home after the workshop and invited Ron Laplace in my home town again to teach his first Living in the Heart Intensive training. It was then that I heard for the first time that Drunvalo was going to train teachers. Oh my God!!! My insides were twisting and screaming. I just knew I had to be there but my ego was finding many ways to make me stay home there life was easy and safe. I followed Ron to his next LITH Intensive on Gabriola Island, BC to allow myself to really live and breath this information so that I could feel ready to register for the teachers training workshop with Drunvalo.
Since then, my journey has been intense. Many emotions, much healing, and many inner battles. But I finally made it. I AM A TEACHER!!! I am so honored to be able to share what I think is the most valuable information someone can learn for themselves in this day and time.

Let me show you the way home, where magic lives, where dreams come true. Where we can be anyone we can dream!

Josée Boulianne

J'ai grandit dans un petit village francophone en Alberta. Depuis, j'élève mes enfants en français dans un environnement anglophone.
Le travaille qu??enseigne Drunvalo est devenue ma passion, j'aimerais être capable de voyager et de partager cette information partout au monde.
J'ai également étudiée avec Dolores Cannon pour offrir des sessions d'hypnose en français. Je fais des régressions pour découvrir les vies antérieure. J'ai découvert que c'est une excellente façon de guérir le coeur. Souvent j'offre les deux services en même temps ; l'atelier A.T.I.H. et l'hypnose.
Au plaisir de ce rencontrer,

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Scott Clark at Nov 08, 2015

Josee went beyond expectation with delivering wisdom. She shared stories, enrolled and captivated us in the exercises, and more importantly she carefully acknowledged each one of us as great and amazing human beings.

Gisela Hetherington at Jun 16, 2015

great workshop with great visual tools, I felt supported and loved, well informed and guided by Josee. I had a very deep experience at the process of being born again. Thank you very much. Gisela

Susan Teige at May 15, 2015

This was an amazing experience. I think everyone would benefit from this workshop

Brandy Richardson at Nov 19, 2014

Josee Boulianne did an amazing job delivering this workshop! It was a life changing experience for me. I will definitely be taking other workshops and probably this one again!

Kim Cadenhead at Sep 26, 2014

This was the best workshop I have ever attended. The teacher was very loving and attentive to everyone's questions and needs during the entire experience!

Blair Cadenhead at Sep 21, 2014

Josee was an amazing teacher, she always found ways to explain the concepts at my level without judgement. It was a warm, welcoming safe environment and I am forever changed from the experience I had with Josee. Thank you so much!

vamsee reddy at Jul 21, 2014

Our group was such a diverse set of people, and Josee was able to make us all feel very welcome and loved on our first day. I knew right away I was in the right place. I'm so grateful to have such an experienced and caring teacher. I left the workshop knowing that I have all the tools needed for the next step. This type of certainty is irreplaceable and has changed my life. Thank you for existing =) -V

Twyla Hudson at Apr 21, 2014

I very much enjoyed the workshop and Josee teaching.

Shirley Oetheimer at Apr 09, 2014

Thank you, Josee for sharing these method with me. I had wonderful experiences and insights with my fellow spirit friends, you and source.

Naeem Datoo at Feb 15, 2014

Thank you to Josee and Celestina for hosting me so warmly! I loved the energy of the space and of the Kooteneys supporting this experience.