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Love Light

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Love Light



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Teachers should put a personal message of their interests and their journey here. It is a place to be creative and reach potential students with a little glimpse of who you are and how you came to this work.

Love Light lives in Loveland Colorado and has been following Drunvalo and his work since 1997. She was attracted to the Flower of Life work and continued with Earth Sky. When the new work came out in 2011, Awakening the Illuminated Heart, Love was drawn to teach this amazing work.

Love also has a private practice in acupuncture and massage. She loves working with people, their energy and assisting them in their growth. She's been on her spiritual path for over 30 years.

She finds this work some of the most amazing and deep work she's been involved with. Love invites you to honor your inner self and make the commitment to fully bring this work into your daily life. It will change your life in the here and now AND it is essential in the shift that is coming for us on many levels.

Love is looking forward to the day that you and she are able to meet and interact with this heart based work.

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